Friday, January 7, 2011

Report From the Front: Effective Enemy Tactics Take A Toll

Two of our important fighters have been hit by an effective psychological operation embarked by our enemies. Our leader has also been wounded in a friendly fire incident. All are expected to survive.

Steve Kornacki showed us the tactic in November when he explained on "If Palin is going to be stopped -- and she absolutely can be -- it will have to come through the handiwork of conservative media outlets and opinion leaders."

Since then, they have been planting the seeds of doubt in our own minds. See how they did it to Erick Erickson of RedState here. I elaborate more on it here.

Ted Nugent wounded our great leader in a friendly fire incident after walking into a trap set by Anderson Cooper.

Come on troops. Stop falling for their tricks.

We can overcome this. Let's pick ourselves up and get back out there and fight, baby, fight. We didn't come this far and spend this much time and energy to give up on taking back the shining city on a hill now.

America, Who are We?

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