Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Dirt Bag Liberal Great Grey Attacks Guest In My Chatroom

Tonight, Great Grey flew in for a quick hit in the chatroom for my BlogTalk Radio show. This is par for the course. It's how liberals fly. They are stupid, incapable of formulating a legitimate argument because their premise is based on lies and made up philosophies that have no bearing in reality. It's not a surprise that the only way some liberals know how to articulate themselves is to be stupid, hateful and, well, simply low life dirt bags.

I will be documenting everything these people do from now to the election. We know it's going to get dirty. We're ready.

We have the truth on our side - the most potent weapon.

It's a shame they even let these people near a voting booth. Unfortunately, it's their right. So lets outnumber them and outvote them. America cannot survive with their kind of mentality.


  1. Smart boy. Document what they do. And by the way, we DO outnumber them. Big Time. Which is why they run around talking so much smack.

    Next time, flush the swine down the john. Don't waste time on a lefty.

  2. Excuse me, but where is the lie?

    Eddie did say he contacted my family, now that's a lie.

    Sarah did quit half way thru, that's the truth.
    She did neglect her family while running for Governor. (Blind Allegiance, pg 61, "Bristol's made at me. Says this isn't fun. Too bad.")

    If she runs for President, she will lose and lose big.

    And Eddie does have a history at the Peanut Farm, you should ask about him getting arrested for sexual assault there some time. (Anchorage Daily News, July 24, 1994, pg E3)

    So, confronting a liar with his lies, and being truthful about Sarah and Eddie's past is now considered an attack. Well, good luck with that.

  3. section9,

    Well, he really didn't want to "flush" me. At the time I posted I constituted 12.5% of his audience. He only had 8 people total listening, and I was the only person who was actually logged in.

    Pitiful, and you say you outnumber us?