Saturday, June 11, 2011

"They Just Blew Themselves Up, Sir"

@tahDeetz: @ReaganTMan the leftist media just took down in one day, what it took the entire left to build against #Palin since '08

The Palinista army prepared all week. The media was about to receive 24,199 pages of emails that Sarah Palin wrote while she was governor of Alaska. She told Chris Wallace there was nothing to worry about in the emails except that they might be taken out of context. The Palin army hunkered down.

Armed with full battle gear, they watched the enemy. Reconnaissance was easy. The enemy put out a call for mercenaries. They wanted people to peruse the emails looking for a smoking gun. This was it. They were going to reach the culmination of a nearly 3 year smear campaign / sustained bombing attack by exposing an email or emails that would blow Palin out of the game.

The Palinistas assembled, swords still in sheathes. The enemy moved. The emails were delivered in boxes from Alaska. The media and their mercenaries attacked the boxes like they were Christmas presents.

Suddenly you could hear explosions everywhere. The emails were out. Everyone was looking for the bombshell that would destroy Sarah Palin.

Then without firing a shot or unsheathing a sword, the Palin army looked over at their enemy and laughed. It was a belly aching laugh.

When someone asked what was happening, a Palinista simply responded: "They just blew themselves up, sir."

Nearly 3 years of all out assault, lies, smears and innuendo launched at Sarah Palin by the media and it all just blew up in their faces.

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