Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Huffington Post: Obamamania is Over

Obama 2012 Reelection Campaign: 'Hope' And 'Change' Aren't Enough To Inspire Voters

Jim Kuhnhenn at the Huffington Post points out that it will take more than just "hope and change" this time around to get Obama elected. He goes into the work that will have to be done to re-inspire his base.

One thing we all need to pick up on in the light of the "is Palin electable arguments that are breaking out in the Republican camp, is the fact that it's not going to be about Palin. It's going to be about the media.

Now take this from the HuffPo piece. "Obama political adviser David Axelrod maintains that Obama voters will regain their intensity once they have a flesh and blood candidate to compare with Obama." Let me translate for those who don't how Axelrod grease and the lame stream lying media work: He's saying that Obama voters will regain their intensity once they have a Republican candidate to smear, Palinize, lie about and dupe the American people about WHETHER IT'S PALIN OR NOT.

With all due respect to any of the other Republican candidates and those who worry about Palin's electability, don't you think it really doesn't matter to the left who our nominee is? They will all face the same problem. Expect a dirty campaign from the left. We need to be prepared to go in with sharpened swords and swift and effective battle plans. No nice nice this time around. This is political war!

Why Palin Should Go All In To Win

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