Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Conservatives4Palin: Are You Ready to Storm the Beaches?

Mary Beth House writes a piece that fits so perfectly with the theme of this blog, I had to put it on here:
I just spoke with Peter Singleton, who many of you are aware is the co-coordinator in the great state of Iowa for Organize4Palin, because I had some questions about the interview he did with Robert Costa over at National Review in this article: Still Waiting for Sarah.

I was especially interested in this part of the article, which you’ll note isn’t quoting Peter but rather paraphrasing him:

However, he [Singleton] says that he will not wait forever, and that his efforts are a “serious” push to establish a movement behind her message, not to be a “fan” or cheerleader.
I had noticed some commenters at C4P took this to mean that he was losing hope and getting discouraged…and I wanted to give him the opportunity to respond to that characterization.
Peter laughed.

“What? Losing hope? Not a chance!”

But what of the article’s suggestion that he won’t wait forever? That he’s not a “fan” or “cheerleader”? Peter clarifies:

“Look,” he said, “if Governor Palin announces she’s not going to run, I’m not going to hang on and hope she changes her mind. I’ll accept it and respect it and my work helping lay the groundwork for a potential Palin presidential campaign will be done. What I’ve done, I’ve done freely and I’m glad for the experience. At the end of the day, Governor Palin will not owe me a thing.”

This is the prevalent attitude amongst those working as volunteers with Governor Palin. Our volunteering, our contributions are done with a heart of a servant, not expecting anything in return.

But what does he really feel about the timing of Governor Palin’s announcement?

“As I said in the NRO piece, we really aren’t all that concerned about the timing,” Peter confirmed.

Then he painted a mental picture for me.

“Imagine, if you will, that this is May 1944. We’re all in our tents in Great Britain. We’re all preparing.

You’ve checked your boots. And checked your gear. Do you have your sidearm? Check. What about your rifle? Double check. How about extra ammo? You’ve packed and re-packed the landing craft. The fellows in the airborne have pored over the maps of the drop zones, again and again.

And as you continue through the laundry list of things you need to do to prepare for the call to hit the beaches…you notice your buddy two bunks over is just sitting there, his arms crossed tightly.

‘Hey pal,’ you call out. ‘Aren’t you gonna get ready?’

‘No,’ he mutters under his breath.

‘Why not? Everyone knows that the invasion is imminent!’

‘Because General Eisenhower hasn’t briefed me on his strategy.’

‘What!?’ you reply incredulously.

‘When are we going? Where are we going to hit?’ he exclaims. ‘What day? These are all things we need to know, and know right now. I’m not going to do a thing to get ready until I hear from the General!’

That scenario is preposterous when you think about it, isn’t it? Because, as soldiers, they all knew they had to be ready. They did know that invading the continent was almost certain and was imminent. But they also knew that they would never be privy to the strategic planning—and should not be. The less people who knew of the whens and the wherefores, the less chance there was of the information being leaked to the Germans. And then what would have happened? The Germans would have been ready and waiting on June 6, and on the beaches of Normandy—and the course of the war and of human history would have been changed.

So we too must look at the election cycle metaphorically as a war.

Today, for us, it is May of 1944. We don’t know when the call will come, only that it’s almost certainly coming…and it’s coming soon.

So our job right now is to prepare for that call so that when the announcement comes…we are ready to go. We’re are prepared and ready for what is to come.

That the “General” hasn’t filled us in on her strategy is no surprise. Secrecy and message discipline is vital in any campaign…be it a campaign for war or a campaign for office. This is could not be more important in this, potentially the most important election in American history.

So the question I throw out there to all Palin supporters is this…

Are you ready to storm the beaches?"
Powder dry? Rhetorical swords sharpened and in their sheaths? Rhetorical rifles clean and loaded?

Let's get ready to roll!

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