Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Todd Palin Pulls the Sword From its Sheath

According to Peter Hamby of CNN:
Todd Palin: McGinnis book "full of disgusting lies, innuendo, and smears."

Todd Palin also says McGinnis "has been relentlessly stalking my family" and has "a creepy obsession with my wife."
That metal on leather sound you just heard was Todd Palin pulling the sword from its sheathe. Todd is a man's man and would need little help with disposing of McGinniss (rhetorically speaking of course); but the army is ready and we've already been hitting the comment boards and straightening things out.

What you are seeing here is the last dying breath of a smear campaign that has utterly failed. After three years of trying to destroy Governor Palin, Americans are waking up to the fact that the media lies. They're not buying it anymore. Every lie and every smear that has been hurled at Sarah Palin has been thoroughly debunked. The liberals are down to the bottom of the dumpster. They are scraping up the coffee crumbs of their final last shot at her.

Given all that she has had to withstand over the last three years, she is the strongest, most vetted and most ready of any candidate to take the helm of our great nation. Anyone who can withstand the vile and disgusting attacks that she has and be 3rd in the polls without even announcing (ahead of all announced candidates other than Romney and Perry) has the presidential mettle.

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  1. URGENT!!!URGENT!!!!
    Have everybody prepare to have Palin Announcement Parties in their local media market. We can have MASSIVE SHOCK AND AWE effect with dozens if not hundreds of these Palin Announcement Parties all across America! No other Presidential campaign in History has done this! Select a location ASAP where people in your area would gather with TVs and get a media list. Fax press releases to the local TV, radio, and newspaper outlet and follow-up with a phone call to make they received the fax. Bring signs, American flags, noise makers, and have a blast!