Friday, November 13, 2009

Keep Your Powder Dry

Never one to miss an opportunity to get into a good rhetorical sword fight, this blogger heard the sound of metal against metal and quickly ran to Conservatives4Palin to find that John Ziegler, barbarian maximus, was quickly going for the pierce over the AP's hit piece on Sarah Palin's book, Going Rogue. As Ace of Spades says on their website "Every normal man must be tempted at times to spit upon his hands, hoist the black flag, and begin slitting throats." Palinistas across the land began to rumble; and as has always been the case when their leader was attacked, the army assembled with hands at sheathe.

But Sarah Palin said, hold up! In advance of "operation Going Rogue," she gave her first order.

As you probably have heard, the AP snagged a copy of my memoir, Going Rogue, before its Tuesday release. And as is expected, the AP and a number of subsequent media outlets are erroneously reporting the contents of the book. Keep your powder dry, read the book, and enjoy it! Lots of great stories about my family, Alaska, and the incredible honor it was to run alongside Senator John McCain.

- Sarah Palin
The army's leader is now a strong and powerful woman, even stronger than when she was chosen by the one she honors, John McCain, to lead Palinistas in battle against Barack Obama. She has taken not only liberty's lamp to guide them now after a bitter defeat, but she has also taken the helm of the her growing army, ready to lead them back into battle again.

The battle looms, yet the army is told to hold fire. She knows she wields the ultimate weapon, a book that is sure to slay many in the media and those in the McCain campaign who restrained her at a time when the battle needed its warrior to be unbridled.

The Phrase Finder explains her message: "Be prepared and save your resources until they are needed."

Until they are needed...

Donna R. Patrick wrote:

As military soldiers go into battle, they have to know with a certainty that their weapons are in good condition. The anticipation of utilizing those weapons is ever present, so not only do they have to be maintained, the user has to know how and when to use them. They usually have a clear target, have studied the enemy to gain as good an understanding as possible of how the enemy operates, and from there have mapped out a clear strategy for overtaking the enemy.
Those who have been part of the Palinista army battled fiercely in their losing effort against the forces of liberalism and its leader, Barack Obama. When the warrior leader went home after the loss, her enemies continued an unprecented effort to finish her off and completely destroy her.

They couldn't.

Her army stood tall, defending its leader as the victors demanded their spoils. Ordinary barbarians took up defensive positions and thwarted attack after attack from the mainstream media, bloggers and even Barack Obama himself.

Yet even as she was being hit with arrow after arrow, she stood up and told everyone that she would not shut up. "If I die, I die," she said. "I’ll know that I have spoken up and I will speak up to...encourage you do the same, and don’t just hang in there and go along to get along but stand up and speak up, and be bold and demand that Washington be prudent...and prioritize for America’s security..."

Sarah Palin, bloodied and weakened, then resigned her governship, went into seclusion, recovered and emerged stronger than ever before. Ironically, now Obama is weaker than when they battled the first time. The Palinistas sense this and thirst for liberal blood.

The clouds prepare for battle
In the dark and brooding silence
Bruised and sullen storm clouds
Have the light of day obscured
Looming low andominous
In twilight premature
Thunder heads are rumbling
In a distant overture...[1]
The glimmering light of a shining city is the prize they are willing to politically die for.

[1] Jacobs Ladder, lyrics by Rush



Despite a call to keep the powder dry, Conservatives4Palin is slicing and dicing over the AP article: We Won't Just Keep Our Powder Dry - We'll Fight!

It may have just been made harder for Palinistas to keep their swords in sheathe or their powder dry after reading this: Great Moments In Journalism: Sarah Palin Marginalization Starts Early At MSNBC

Is the army ready to go rogue in defense of it's leader?

On guard, MSNBC


I see C4P was already slicing and dicing MSNBC. They did that BEFORE they posted the story about the AP. Man, talk about ordinary barbarians! They are like the Vikings, only they're not pillaging and plundering, but rather slaughtering in defense of Palin!

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