Friday, November 20, 2009

On Guard, Mr. President

It looks like the Obots need a little more force after Norah O'Donnell was skewered by a 17 year old girl named Jackie and had her rhetorical body trampled over by the right wing media.

As the Palinistas Hannibalize the political landscape, the Obots are reloading after being overrun in the opening waves of Operation Going Rogue. Apparently, Operation Smear Campaign requires about $500,000 to push back the Palinista attack on health care reform according to Barack Obama's website.

I guess they've given up on the "she's irrelevant" angle. They are afraid of her.

"With the media spotlight squarely on Sarah Palin and her "Going Rogue" book tour across the nation, Democrats are gearing up for a battle -- and trying to cash in," according to Fox News.

This shows that they are still stinging from the "death panel" cruise missile fired from Alaska that set the health care initiative back, weakening it to the point where it could only muster a ragged and stumbling victory in the House by 5 votes (one of which, possibly 2 are already expressing remorse). But the battle is still too close to call right now as the Senate tries to advance the initiative tomorrow. If only Michele Bachmann was a Senator.

Sarah Palin again has once again gone to Facebook in advance of the Senate vote: "The current health care debate elicits great concern because of its introduction of socialized medicine in America and the inevitable rationed care."

Tomorrow, a major battle will be fought on the Senate floor. President Obama and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid are bribing fence sitting Senators with pork, trying to win them to his side.

RINOs and Blue Dogs need to look up and see that the grassroots are holding the sword to their throats. If they don't listen, off with their heads in 2010. They can make a life and death decision tomorrow and vote against cloture. You can rest assured that Sarah Palin herself will give the order in 2010, and even assist the candidates who run against them.

The president may be holding out the carrot, but the people hold the big stick. These are the kind of carrots that may cause indigestion at the ballot box. If the dogs and RINOs are smart, they would forego instant gratification for long term job security.

The battle rages on. There is much more territory to take and many more rhetorical fatalities to be suffered on both sides. But this is all out political war and the conservatives are fired up.

Becaue of our Founders' wisdom, we stand proud that we live in a land that's still free. Let the Obots exercise their rights of free speech as we conservatives exercise ours. May the best person win.

On guard, Mr. President. Riders up.

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