Sunday, November 22, 2009

Manifesting Hate: The Monster Within

The left wing in America are soiling themselves, running for the hills, wetting themselves (wee wee'd up that is) and crying out in fear and trembling. Yup, a petite lady in running shorts is a bigger threat to liberals than al Quaida if you judged by their reactions. We've been searching deep and wide for that dark hole in the soul of liberalism, you know, where the intellectually and morally bankrupt stuff is hidden. Upon seeing Sarah Palin, the left basically handed us a treasure map to where it is.

They spew vile vitriol and write articles about how evil she is. They manifest their own deep dark souls in their descriptions of her. They project their vapidity, their inability to reconcile the truth, their inability to accept the deep cutting shortcomings of their lives and their lack of a moral compass onto the person of Sarah Palin. The unhealthy obsession, known as Palin Derangement Syndrome, is the left's way of expressinig their fear about the one woman who can cast them from power for decades.

While smashing my Martha Stewart dishes this morning, this blogger couldn't help but to make another connection between deep seded psychological gone wrongs and why people viciously attack Sarah Palin.

Martha Stewart has been to jail for insider trading. Other people who trash Palin come from families with drug problems, have been divorced or in less than functional relationships, have led unsuccessful political campaigns, have had his self centered political ambitions destroyed or dealt with the personal demons of alcoholism and prostitution.

Human beings are not perfect. This column is not to put people down for these afflictions. I recognize, understand and empathize with the pain they must feel. This is not a moral judgment about what they have to deal with in their own personal lives. This is an intellectual judgment on how those things may be just the symptoms of a deep seded moral vacuum, not inside them personally, but within our body politic.

There are two types of people: one who uses their past failings as a motivation toward self improvement or the other who uses their past failings as a motivation to tear down those around them so as to better validate their own shortcomings. Those people are negative, vindictive people who live with vitriol and hate. Run away from these people as quickly as you can.

Palin detractors do everything they can to try to destroy her. With tabloid-like attacks on her and her family or a lambasting of what they perceive as her ambition and lies, they write columns and give interviews. Google those who are trying to destroy Palin. There are probably thousands of hate filled columns written vilifying Sarah Palin. How many of them actually debate her policy positions?

There are very few. She cannot be defeated in the arena of ideas. Engaging her there would reveal Palin as being intelligent, informed and on the right side of the issues. That would simply blow a hole in the left's intellectually dishonest position that she's dumb and a lightweight.

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